Go Box Ver1.0

Note: Ver 1.0 is now gone, replaced by ver 2.0. I am keeping this post up for reference. KB4RMA

The rocker style switches listed in the component list started failing and inducing a hum into the radio. In ver 2.0 they have been replaced with true toggle switches from McMaster Carr. I will include an updated component list when I get time to post ver 2.0.

The Amateur Radio Go Box is complete.
The unit is self contained with 2 8ah batteries at the bottom of the case for stand-alone operation or you can operate the unit off of generator provided AC power via the DC power supply just beneath the radio.
You can also charge the on-board batteries while operating off of AC power if needed.
The motivation behind building this unit was so I can toss it behind the drivers seat in my Wife’s Jeep Liberty and stick the remote control head to the windshield with a Ram Mount. Mag-mount dual band antenna on the roof and in 5 minutes, I have a functional 2m/70cm radio for road trips.
The small box pictured has 3 additional batteries in it for reserve remote power operation. It is connected to the Go Box via the Andersen connectors.

The larger blue box has 8 additional batteries in it for even longer remote operation if needed.

+Brad Arnold K4NHA inspired me to go ahead and construct a full Go Box. The 5vdc power supply is one he built so I could run the LED light for night time operation if needed.



Here is the up to date component list with component costs and source links:

Radio: TYT TH9800 Quad Band:$249.99 – http://goo.gl/YDv9Vw

Flambeau Dry Box: $19.21 – http://goo.gl/yhIEOq

Power Supply: $23.14 – http://goo.gl/0ge1o2

DPST Switch: $4.92 – http://goo.gl/EI9Ptc

Power Meter: $6.90 – http://goo.gl/JZHc8A

USB Power Socket: $8.02 – http://goo.gl/wgEVsC

USB LED Flex light stick: $9.99 – http://goo.gl/iheACr

Ram Mounts Ball: $6.58 (2 required)- http://goo.gl/XL1klW

AC Power connector: $3.52 – http://goo.gl/999hSd

8ah Sealed Lead Acid batteries: $19.20 (2 Required)- http://goo.gl/ExPdzV

Andersen style Quick Connect: $14.95 – http://goo.gl/Vp2nxO

Binding Post assembly: $28.29 – http://goo.gl/80AjfY

Sealed Lead Acid battery charger: $9.69 – http://goo.gl/H2AC4S

DPDT Switch: $4.58 – http://goo.gl/eOdL2p

LED Switch, SPST: $10.25 – http://goo.gl/dr0yQJ

Mini cooling fans: $7.26 – http://goo.gl/NAFPSg

Mini fan grill: $6.00 – http://goo.gl/4juZZ9

MFJ 4416B Voltage Booster-$129.00-http://www.gigaparts.com/Product-Lines/Battery-Chargers/MFJ-4416B.html

SO-239: Purchase locally

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